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Biological Treatment for Wastewater

The current practice in ETP relies on adding nutrients to encourage microbial growth already present (Cow dung or Other Biomass) in the wastewater to enhance biodegradation. Key problems in current Practice:

  • Heavy Growth of filamentous type of bacteria
  • Poor Settling of Biomass
  • Carryover of sludge in Secondary Clarifier
  • Poor COD and BOD reduction during shock loads and toxic chemicals loads.

Our Treatment introduces superior strains of bacteria on a continual basis to develop a specific bacterial diversity capable of degrading different compounds in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our Treatments are capable to achieve more than 70% reduction in COD and BOD.


We utilize the micro-encapsulation technology in all of our product lines. The bacteria are neither dead nor alive but rather in a state of suspended animation or "dormancy". When the product is mixed with water, the protective barrier is dissolved and the user is insured that the highest count possible of first generation bacteria is ready to go to work on the application.

Our products have performed in significantly challenging situations with astounding success. Our bacteria have higher metabolic rates and secrete a lot of active enzymes compared to the conventional bacteria, and are adapted to perform in relatively harsh conditions.

  • JYOZYMEActive Bio-culture
  • BIONETGrowth Accelerator for Bacteria
  • JYOZYME-ANActive Bio-culture for Ammoniacal Nitrogen Removal
  • JYOZYME-OGActive Bio-culture for Edible oil Ind.

Our Strategy for Biological Treatment

BOD/COD ratio
Treatment Strategy
Less than 0.1
Thermal Degradation like Incineration or Evaporation
0.1 to 0.3
Aerobic Biological Treatment with Acclimatization of Bio-culture
0.3 to 0.5
Aerobic Biological Treatment without Acclimatization of Bio-culture
More than 0.5
Anaerobic Biological Treatment

Acclimatization of Bio-culture develops customize and superior strain of bacteria for specific effluent, which can thrive on most difficult situation like:

  • Variations in influent quality over time
  • System shocks
  • Environmental factors affecting bacterial diversity.
  • Irregular loadings of difficult-to-degrade, toxic, or quasi-toxic compounds
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