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Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Our boiler water treatment chemicals is designed to keep your system free from scale and corrosion.

Corrosion and scale deposition can be seriously problematic when it comes to the function of your boiler system. The formation of deposits such as scale and sludge in a boiler system, results in elevated metal temperatures that cause tube failures and restricted circulation.

Boiler system corrosion leads to localized pitting and/or thinning of pipe and tube surfaces, resulting in leaks and tube failures. Both issues will significantly reduce a system’s efficiency, and compromise a boiler’s reliability.

Corrosion Inhibition : Corrosion inhibitors for feed water, internal boiler water, and condensate return systems include oxygen scavengers for feed water and boiler internals, as well as neutralizing amines and specialty filming amines for condensate systems.

Scale/Deposit control : Deposit control chemicals designed to control the formation of scale and sludge on heat transfer surfaces include phosphate treatments, chelants, polymeric conditioners and dispersants, and alkalinity builders.

Fireside Treatment : Our fuel treatment chemicals help increase fuel efficiency, minimize maintenance costs, and protect equipment from failure due to corrosion. These fuel treatment programs can help you get more from the fuel you're using, or allow you to switch to a less expensive fuel at no sacrifice to reliability or environmental regulations. The choice of which chemical to use depends on the type of fuel and the goals of the treatment for pre-, during-, and post-combustion processes.


  • Increase boiler efficiency
  • Protects from scale formation and corrosion
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency
  • Removes impurities
  • Long Shelf Life