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Effluent Direct Reuse (EDR) System

It is our honour to introduce new revolutionary technology (EDR System) in the field of wastewater treatment. By doing continuously R&D and consistent effort, for the first time in INDIA, the leading wastewater treatment technocrat JYOTI Hydrotech Pvt. Ltd. has launch one of the best system which can be easily installed in a compact space. It is a unique product that not only removes 80-90% of organic matter but also color of effluent with negligible amount of primary treatment. Very high tech smart screen system which can automatically control permeate flow, reject flow, recovery & pressure. Our system comfortably work at a high level of Color, TSS & Turbidity. The EDR system can drastically achieve reduction of COD, TSS, Turbidity & Color. Last but not the least, we are able to achieve more than 90% INDIGO color recovery by this system.

  • Fully automated system for wastewater treatment.
  • Require less area & man power for smooth operation.
  • Only 1/3 area is require compare with conventional system.
  • Reduction in sludge generation up to 70-80%.
EDR System Conventional System
Equalization Tank
Primary Treatment (Partially)
Secondary Treatment
Lamella Clarifier
Multi Grade Filter (MGF)
Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
Ultra Filtration System
Reverse Osmosis System
Sludge Dewatering System
Effluent WaterTreated Water
Pigment Industry Effluent
Parameters Effluent Water
Treated Water
pH 7.32 7.49
Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) 588 mg/L 454 mg/L
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 3008 mg/L 601 mg/L
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 1982 mg/L 10 mg/L
Turbidity 780 NTU 01 NTU
Effluent WaterTreated Water
Textile Industry Effluent
Parameters Effluent Water
Treated Water
pH 6.60 6.70
Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) 1900 mg/L 1730 mg/L
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 2557 mg/L 350 mg/L
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 1130 mg/L 10 mg/L
Turbidity 719 NTU 02 NTU