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Organic Removal Media

Removal of organics is a common requirement at a water treatment works.

Jyoti Hydrotech Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned organization enagaged in manufacturing industrial application Reverse Osmosis Plants for use in drinking as well as process water applications.

Organics have varying molecular weights and varying amounts of carboxylic functionality.

Organics should be removed from:

1) Drinking water supplies due to their tendency to form THM's when chlorinated.

2) Feed water supplies of pretreatment of Reverse Osmosis.

3) After tertiary treatment

Removal of organics through ORM is most economical and convenient process.

The micro porous structure of organic removal media ensures very good adsorption of colorants, organic acids and mineral acids. The substances are easy to be desorbed by regeneration with caustic soda solution (OH- form) or alkalized brine solution (Cl- form).

Figure 1 a (left) shows the effect of physical chemical process on color removal and sludge generation. Figure 1 b (right) shows the effect of ORM