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Research & Development

Since we had started our water treatment Business in 1993, we did en extensive research work on industrial waste dirty water. Here our Lab is well equipped with all necessary instrument, such as Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Laminar air Flow, Incubator, centrifuge, etc. All this instrument are well maintained, so that no error should occur while making test.

We, here in our lab has found out relevant problem and solution to Boiler Tank, R.O, Cooling tower and ETP. For Boiler water and boiler tank, the basic problem that occurs are corrosion, scale, sludge and foaming. After laboratory test and research, phosphate salt, chelant, tannin and polymer are used for scale problem reduction. For slugde and corrosion problem-polymeric dispersant, hydrazine, sulphite and DEHA is used.


Industrial Effluent water is a major source of pollution to our environment as it is responsible for reducing oxygen quantity in water and leads to mortality of aquatic life. Other than chemical disposal in water, in our laboratory, we found out that ammonia too is a big mess for oxygen deficiency in water and to sort out this problem, we researched out the required chemical that decrease ammonia problem.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is processes where solvent are force to move from region of high solute concentration to the region of low solute concentration through semipermeable membrane. This RO membrane is required to protect from Chlorine as it causes oxidation of membrane. Other than chlorine, iron and silica are also a big concern of membrane fouling. Unreactive silica in the form of silanol(=Si-OH) polymerizes to form foul on membrane. The process of silica polymerization in enhanced by trivalent ions, such as iron and aluminium. Through strong base ion exchange, we treat RO water to reduce silica problem.