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RO Water Treatment Chemicals

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane performance can be negatively impacted by impurities that build up on the membrane surface during operations.

Our membrane chemicals can help keep suspended solids, microorganisms, and mineral scale from fouling your membrane elements. These deposits can cause loss in output and/or rejection levels and reduce total system performance.


RO systems creates salt concentrated water streams that could produce scale or fouling, while “the narrow feed water channel found in your spiral wound and hollow fiber elements accentuates scaling and fouling”. Our membrane anti-scalants are pretreatment programs designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems, regardless of the feed water source.

While treatment with an ordinary antiscalant does provide some improvement, the use of our antiscalant maximizes efficacy against a broad range of scale-forming substances and keeps fouling material in suspension.


Successful membrane cleaning relies on both the effectiveness of the cleaning compounds, their professional application and the design and operation of the cleaning equipment. We can offer suggestions on cleaning system design and cleaning procedures to ensure effective results that will protect against irreversible membrane fouling.

Our cleaners is formulated to function on all types of membrane systems and suitable for most of the scale and fouling materials.

RO Biocide:

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are favorable environments for microorganisms to thrive. Our products are non-oxidizing biocides that are highly effective in reducing bacterial growth and the build-up of slime on a variety of membrane types.

Our non-oxidizing biocide used for sanitizing RO and ultra filtration (UF) systems and membranes. Most effective as bactericides, they will also control fungi and algae when used at higher dosages.

A treatment program using products from both RO Membrane cleaner and RO Biocide will result in more effective membrane cleaning and decreased cleaning frequency.

JYOTI Hydrotech Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing industrial application R.O. Plants for use in drinking as well as process water applications. Customers can avail RO Treatment chemicals in varied quantities and compositions for varied commercial and industrial purposes.

Features :

  • Extends Membrane Life
  • Maintain the pH level in RO plant
  • Consistent Operation
  • Highly effective
  • Eliminates contaminates from water
  • High antiscalant properties